Thursday, 9 March 2017


We've started the term off with a lot of Maths! But I really love it! Maths is something I love doing at school although it can get a bit tricky most of the times. These last couple of weeks we've been learning about multiplication and division but now we're onto fractions. Our main focus is to use efficient ways to work out our problems that have been given to us. It doesn't really sound hard and they're not just normal equations.  


  1. Hi Meana, Fractions are so important to learn, I am not very good at doing fractions maybe I should come down to class and learn with Room 12. Miss Brough

  2. Malo Lelei Meana,
    My Name is Lusia and I'm a Year 8 student from Saint Pius X catholic School. I think Decimals are important to learn and also basic facts. Basic facts are one of the main keys to succeed
    to any strategy like decimals,fractions,percentages and other strategies! Keep up the maths and your education!